Camp SoZo Provides Free Recreation Opportunities for Kids


Camp SoZo pic
Camp SoZo

A Florida-based business owner, David Suleiman owns one of the fastest-growing Johnny Rockets franchises in the United States as well as Amerikanos Grille and Havana Country Club. David Suleiman also partners with numerous nonprofit organizations benefiting children, such as SoZo Kids.

Sozo is a Greek word meaning “to rescue and heal.” In that sense, SoZo Kids, established by the Help Agency, works through sponsorship to provide free food and supplies as well as access to recreational and educational programming to children who live in rural poverty in or on the outskirts of the Ocala National Forest. One of those recreational programs is the organization’s annual summer camp.

Located in the heart of the 430,000-acre forest, Camp SoZo is built upon 72 acres near a spring-fed private lake where campers can fish, swim, and canoe. Other activities at the camp include volleyball and other competitive games as well as late-night movies and pizza parties. The camp is open to children between the ages of 7 and 17 who live in the Ocala National Forest. Registration is free.